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NendoVault: What to do and What not to do! Cosplay Events in PH


In the cosplay community of PH, it seems to have been a trend to invite international renowned cosplayers to grace his or her filipino fans a visit may it be just a day or two. While this is a good thing for the local community, it doesn’t mean that organizers however can do as they please.
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Nendogamer’s Guide to Otaku Online & Local Shopping Part 2-A


Its been a while but i’m back and so is this part 2 of the guide! This time around we will discuss which shops you could get your items. Part 2 is divided into A (Web-Shop International) and B (Web-Shop Locally). This is Part 2-A segment.

The following shops were evaluated based on “Customer’s Opinion”. All information gathered from sources are stricly their own opinion based on personal experiences.
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[Kindle] Mirai Suenaga Cosplay by Maridah

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[ GRAVITY ] 50 Cent Gaming : The tale that has no end… SoulCalibur!

SoulCalibur has been a long running franchise of NAMCO and by far the game has traversed many changes. With the sixth installment, does the game have what it takes to entice its enthusiasts or will the tale finally reach its conclusion?
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On Creative Blogging + NendoVault : DTI attempts to claim hold over bloggers and their events and promotions

” Individuals, Bloggers, Businesses need a DTI ( Department of Trade and Industry ) Sales Promotion Permit even if there is no purchase required ”

– A very disturbing news here in the Philippines especially for bloggers like me who plans a great future for any reader out there. –
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Racing Miku 2010 ver. 1/8 Complete Figure (Miku Hatsune) [Good Smile Racing]

Pre-Orders are now up with Amiami for Racing Miku 2010 ver. 1/8 Complete Figure (Miku Hatsune) [Good Smile Racing] with release date set for May 2011.
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Creative Blogging – On Strategy PC Gaming + APM

Been playing Starcraft and now World of Warcraft but it never occurred to me to become or aim to be one of those players who have given almost 30% of their life to the game that they love.
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