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[Kindle] Mirai Suenaga Cosplay by Maridah

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[ Kindle ] ” Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly ” – Cosplay Interview with Maridah

Cosplay¬†has been one of the most iconic approach in expressing one’s love for a certain anime, manga or game character for the past few years.

To express ones enthusiasm in a particular hobby isn’t new to the many of us. One can express their love for a title or genre by purchasing their products etc. but nothing beats Cosplay in terms of expressing ones love for their chosen show or character.

Cosplay can be defined in various ways. Some say it is an act of dressing up as your favorite character, temporarily discarding your own individuality and taking their persona and making it yours. The ability to be in-character and personify it whole-heartedly or the art of transforming fantasy into reality. Different personalities, individualities, timelines and gestures to name a few are all but a small fraction as to what defines cosplay and the beauty of it. In a nutshell, that is the “Art of Cosplay”

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