About NendoGamer


Site Introduction


NendoGamer started January 2nd of 2010. This blog will bring you news about anime, upcoming figurine releases and games reviews and updates and events.

Thank You for all the support you have given to the previous main site: Reflectia.890m & ReflectiaRX. Sadly the site had to close down due to circumstances which are not in my control. Now, NendoGamer will be the new main site where i will host/post all my new content.

If you wish to exchange links or discuss certain matters feel free to email me at energeist1@gmail.com


About the Author


Nendogamer is a figure collector, anime, music and game enthusiast (especially on Tekken), Computer Programmer excelling in web development, java programming, and a CG artist(multimedia arts). Multimedia works can be found at takeuchi-kite.deviantart.com.

I’ve taken up a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science at Mapua Institute of Technology out of curiosity of how games in consoles are created such as Starcraft and Diablo which are famous game titles of Blizzard, a game company who created the said games. My enthusiasm on games led me to the world of anime and later on by attending events in my country such as a toy expo which have completely led me to become a figure collector of Revoltech -Fraulein-, Figma, Nendoroids and Gunpla.

With all the things that i’ve experienced. I decided to start my own blog to share my interest to others. Blogging figure updates, reviewing anime series, console games and also giving out advices on how to blog is my current aim.


One thought on “About NendoGamer

  1. Hey bro! How goes the preparations for Toy-con? What do you got plans? Tuloy ba natin display? Maxi also contacted me if I was interested in displaying the girls provided there will be a secure display area for them.

    Oh, and if you got time, mind doing a quick blog post about Philippine Toy-con over at toycollectors.deviantart. :3


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