NendoVault: [GoodSmile Co.] Nendoroid Asuna Yuuki – Review –


She has been release a few months ago and this review is really delayed. Better late than never as I always say! Presenting Nendoroid Asuna Yuuki from the light novel / anime / manga “Sword Art Online”.

For anyone who has not seen or read “Sword Art Online”, the said story is about Kirigaya Kazuto, a teenager who got addicted to online games for reasons which are revealed further in the series, gets caught up with an idea of Kayaba Akihiko who is the creator of Sword Art Online -MMO- and creator of the “NERVE GEAR”. The game soon turns into a “death game” as players who logged-in the game are unable to log-out and the only way to get out of the game is that someone needs to clear the game.

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In the said series as well, the protagonist has a partner whom he fell in-love with and her name is “Asuna”. This nendoroid is the chibi form of that girl. GoodSmile Company has done a great job with this nendoroid in comparison to its counter-part release the “Max Factory Figma Asuna Yuuki”. I do feel the Asuna Yuuki figma lacks so much of femininity which is to my dismay whereas the nendoroid version is just perfect. Her iconic reaction and her trusty rapier is included in the package. Not much can be said about the nendoroid but just sheer happiness that GoodSmile really did a fantastic job with her.

Nendoroid Kirito is now available so grab yours as well if you have this Nendoroid Asuna Yuuki!


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