NendoVault : XBOX ONE Reveal-REVIEW-


Xbox One was unveils a few hours ago and here’s my take on the new gaming system of Microsoft.


First and foremost the Xbox One is not the gaming unit we all expected. The Xbox One not only looks like a VCR or an old school VHS Player but it is not geared towards the gaming community. The Xbox One is more on “Becoming one with your Television”. Voice command, better response rate but the thing is its not what we gamers wanted. They just turned a gaming console into an entertainment system for couch potato individuals who does nothing the whole day but watch television.


A gaming console is something people who more importantly gamers (which includes PC Gamers) go to when they need something fresh but still be gaming for hours. The Xbox One has so much pitfalls! Another one is that it will not allow you to play USED GAMES NOT UNLESS YOU PAY FOR IT cause discs for Xbox One will bind a certain ID to your Xbox Live Gamertag. So when a friend borrows a copy of a game you own for Xbox One, when they pop-that-in they will be asked to pay a fee to play that game. Fees on such are still not known as of the current time. Game review sites have been discussing and have been in a great consensus that they would rather get a PS4 or upgrade their PC and do online gaming there. Better graphics, better games and cheaper but still getting the best quality.


15 games and 8 new franchises will come out together with the Xbox one this year or perhaps the entry or along the first year timeline of the coming year for their console but the way things are and looking if we base it solely on the press-con that they did, It won’t be pretty for it might just be another Halo from 343 studios, Gears of War yet again which both are exclusive under the Microsoft Xbox titles.


I was really looking forward to the new Xbox grandted that there are pitfalls with Playstation 4 but Microsoft really kicked the gamers so bad with this press-con. What they did is make Sony’s gaming console look way better. Sure there’s like exclusivity to Call of Duty : Ghost but that will still land on Sony’s console. Overall it was a really huge disappointment that Microsoft turned the other way around with the console wars. Some are even saying it would be a good time for SEGA to come back to the console unit business but that is still yet to happen as SEGA ultimately is excelling with their software only path.


At the end of the presentation everyone, even the press were all disappointed with that Microsoft has done with their gaming console. Yes, there’s E3 Conference coming in a few weeks but right now, Sony definitely has the upper-hand and will most likely be the same result in the coming E3. Gaming and its critiques are always keeping both eyes on both companies and this time around, Sony has given the gaming enthusiasts something to look forward to in the gaming industry which Microsoft has failed to do so with their “Entertainment Box” aka “Xbox One”

Source: Image taken from the live broadcast of SPIKE TV.


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