Nendogamer’s Guide to Otaku Online & Local Shopping Part 2-A


Its been a while but i’m back and so is this part 2 of the guide! This time around we will discuss which shops you could get your items. Part 2 is divided into A (Web-Shop International) and B (Web-Shop Locally). This is Part 2-A segment.

The following shops were evaluated based on “Customer’s Opinion”. All information gathered from sources are stricly their own opinion based on personal experiences.

So let’s start with International Online Shops. International Online shops are stores that are either in Hong Kong, Japan, US or in a different part of the world. They offer a wide array of resources even for those who have skipped a few figure releases due to certain issues such as financial issues. The numbers are not rankings as well but merely which ones i prefer to discuss first. Feel free to rate them as to which would be the top etc.


1. Amiami
– Amiami has been in the business for the longest time with their head office residing at Japan itself. They have the largest customer-base not just from Japan alone but even outside ever since they opened their service to international audience. They offer cheap and reasonable shipping costs, allows customers to use either a credit card or paypal, discounts and also member points which can be used to pay for the item. I myself have ordered numerous items from them and they never cease to amaze me with their service.


2. HobbySeach
– Another online shop that has been servicing the international otaku for a very long time. What’s amazing with them is that they carry limited editions a lot! Highly recommended with great service to its customers. There have been an on and off issue with some asia pacific countries due to some customers who order but do not pay their items but so far no ill-news about those at the moment.


3. HLJ (Hobby Link Japan)
– Tokusatsu, Ultraman, Metal Hero, Gunpla and other model type of items and the usual stuff. You name it and HLJ probably has a stock of it. Now the reason I say “probably” is that HLJ easily runs out of stock. Reason is they provide service that is at par with the first two. The packaging sometimes is an issue with them but so far I have not heard any qualms as big as other online shops that are not mentioned in this line up. With HLJ, if there is a damage with the item or something missing, you can contact them and coordinate for any measure you can meet ends such as replacement etc which is common with all the shops in this list.


4. Play-Asia
– Games, games and more GAMES! Play-Asia is a great shop to purchase your games if you prefer it to be online. They offer a wide range of payment options as well with not just credit card and paypal. Based in Hongkong, this online shop has a great track record. I have my transactions with them as well and they are a great shop to get your games for your PS3, Xbox360, Wii, WiiU, 3DS, PSVITA etc. if it is not available locally and you can’t wait to play it asap. They also sell albums of famous japanese artist.


5. Otacute
– Online shop that is the LAST RESORT if the item is out of stock from the said online shops. Its a bit above the usual price but if you really want to get that rare figure they will be able to help out. One grand incident to cite as an example is the Figma Drossel Hunt which occured way before Figure.Fm went back. During that “era” the Figma Drossel was out of stock in every reliable source. It was a week of joined effort of every respected DannyChoo denizens (myself included). We would order do a bulk order of the drossel and later ship them to their respective owners. It was one hell of a week but we managed to acquire her for the many.

6. J-List
Another premier shop that houses tons of items including “health goods”. Their shipping is a bit slow towards some countries but rest assured that they will arrive in one-piece and in good packaging. I got my most memorable figma from them as a prize during the DannyChoo x JList “Find Mirai in Jlist site” which is a Figma Kagamin Rin.

The shops stated above are the ones that carry figures, gunpla, japanese albums etc. and accept Paypal or Credit Card or other different methods that are viable to customers who may not have the first two items. Part 2-B will feature the local online shops in the country. Part 2-B will be much more intense as we will also cover a particular shop that one should HIGHLY AVOID.


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