[Event + 50 Cents] Ozine Fest 2013- Meet & Greet Miyuko –


So Ozine Fest seems to be a great success to many. Triumphant as to what the organizers would say to its staff. Triumphant may be too strong of a word to describe it nor is the right term.

So April 12th, 13th and 14th here in the Philippines, Aza Miyuko who is a well known cosplayer in South Korea paid a visit to the Philippines. It is such a great honor that her filipino fans paid their bill, lined up for hours just to see her for a few seconds of their life.

While yes it is such a wonderful thing, it was not so wonderful as well enough to open a bag of M&M’s and munch down to the diabetes of happiness inside the pack. So the issue here is that people waited too long in the line, got restricted too much from interacting from the guest or vip and also items that were given to the vip (some of them and despite her receiving it) seems not to have reached the VIP.

You will hear a lot about it when you have tons of filipino cosplayers in your facebook friendlist. Some of them (the posts) are hoaxs, while some are true. The posts would often blame the head of the Ozine Staff or the staff assigned for her while the rest blame the translator. So one would ask, what’s the truth?

Apparently the answer is rather simple. Yes, Aza Miyuko needed a translator which is not common to the likes of her. But look at it this way, if one were to look at her facial expression during certain scenarios that transpired during the event, What does one see? What does one perceive?

All I can say is “poor girl”. If she could only speak another language say english, I know what she would say out of everything that transpired within the past three days.

” WTF ”


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