[FREEing] BLAZBLUE: Chronophantasma – Mu-12 1/8 Complete Figure


Summer is starting to blaze up and so is this new BlazBlue: Chronophantasma -Mu-12 figure from FREEing.

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The second coming of the ‘Sword of the Godslayer’.
From the latest in the BlazBlue game series ‘BlazBlue: Chronophantasma’ comes a dynamically posed figure of Mu-12, Noel’s awakened form as the successor to the True Azure. Her long hair, slim yet well-built body and all the details of the cross between girl and machine have been carefully sculpted into figure form.

The two metallic parts floating by her side are just another highlight to the figure that help pull everything together to create a figure worthy of the series – both filled with excitement and beauty!

Priced at 11,070 JPY ($116.00 USD) with release date of late September 2013.

[FREEing] BLAZBLUE: Chronophantasma – Mu-12 1/8 Complete Figure – 11,070 JPY ($116.00 USD) – Amiami English Site


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