Round up of Sony’s Playstation 4 Presentation


Playstation 4 presentation ended a few hours ago. Gamers and the media themselves have mixed feelings during the presentation. Here are the iconic ones thus far.

Diablo 3 on the Playstation 4.

That’s right Blizzard partnered up with Sony to exclusively bring Diablo 3 to the Playstation 4. This isn’t really much of a news for me seeing that the said IP of Blizzard got kicked in the rear so bad that gamers who bought the game have left it 2 months after continuous nerf and the constant push on the Real Money Auction House was favored by the company.

That being said, Diablo 3 will feature a single screen co-op with is rather awkward for me given that i’ve played the game in the PC. For now, other details are still kept inside the box.

Killzone : Shadow Fall

One of the most iconic First-person shooter game in the Playstation franchise returns but this time under the Playstation 4 environtment. Guerilla Games revealed and has put up the gameplay of Killzone : Shadow Fall out during the presentation. What I find most surprising in this is that they seem to have hugely but not seemingly replicated an almost similar graphics environment to Crytek’s Cry-Engine which many would see the latest version of that engine under Crysis 3. The effects, visuals and response (based on video) is still amazing grated that verdict will just be kept under the console gaming way of judgement. Overall this is a must get game for any console gamer who happens to be a sony fps fan. Below is the gameplay shown during the presentation.

Playstation 4 Controller and System improvements.


As rumored back before the presentation was held. The PS4’s controller will feature tons of improvement. One of them was the ‘Share’ button. This will allow users to share a few tidbits (minutes entirely) of there gameplay for other users making it easy to upload gameplay videos which is quite nice! Though i’m pretty sure this may end up with the “Subscription” side of their offers.


Cloud Service/System will also be another feature of the unit thus allowing users access to old game titles from the previous console unit(s) of Sony such as the Playstation™ and Playstation 2™. This may be a great improvement but do take note that with the Playstation 3™ the said access to the PS2 games were stated and promised but underdelivered which left fans of certain game titles in despair and angered with such unfulfilled promise by Sony.


Downloading games and other content will now be possible with the new console while one is gaming as well as ‘SUSPENDING THE GAME’ which is for me is a really really amazing improvement. ‘Spectate’ mode is also added for those who wish to watch other people play their games which is a bit ok.

Finally the specifications of the Playstation 4 consists of 8GB or Ram with a massive hard drive for gamers to store save data, game etc. Enhance GPU and an x86 CPU. While for PC gamers, this would not be much of an improvement. For a console gamer myself (I do PC gaming as well) this is a great improvement over the PS3 itself. I do look forward to this unit but there’s a question that lingers…

What’s Microsoft’s reply to Sony’s vast improvement over their gaming console?

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