Dollfie Dream x Typemoon : Saber 2nd Ver. – Get! –


Happy New Year (2013) to all. That said I decided to make a blog entry about the most important item that I have obtained so far. So after 4 years of procastinating, 1 year of saving up money, 15mins. of decision making (with influence of dollfie owners who happen to be close friends of mine), 1 year of waiting… I finally got her home. My first Dollfie Dream, Saber Alter 2nd Ver.

So how did it all started? It started way back when the site is not yet that popular, culture japan never existed as of yet and Pucchi Blurbs were the best way to communicate with fellow otakus in Asia.

Dollfie(s) are something that I never thought that i would acquire. I mean, yes I am a figure collector, a comic collector, a gadget enthusiast, photography enthusiast and a gamer but dollfie(s) are but something way up there. Reason being because of their cost to purchase. For me those who have dollfie(s) are people who are capable in life. During that time, attaining one was but a mere wish or a dream like how I wanted to see snow in my lifetime.

As years go by a friend of mine by the name Coffeebugg showed his very first dollfie. I asked him how was he able to attain it. He told me that he just cancelled a few of his preorders and bought one. That said, I took a hard review on my preorders and tallied how much I am spending for my collection. To my surprise, the expense that I do for my figure, games etc is enough so I can get a dollfie by saving up in just a year. Told myself “What do I have to lose?”. Cause you see, when I further researched the Dollfie(s) they happen to be rarer than figures. Dollfie(s) are manufactured depending on the order number and a few additional units which are ordered by specific stores which in this case Volks. Figures however, despite being said rare they still have stocks in either Hong Kong or Akihibara in Japan.


Took a year to save up for her and as I was saving up the promotion for Dollfie Dream X Typemoon came up. Dollfie enthusiasts were all excited except me since I know I cant get one. But Coffebugg hooked me up with a middle-man named Jonathan Smith. Most of them are also former or if not still and currently denizens of Figure.FM site. They informed me that there was a preorder option. Preorder is a type of payment wherein you pay a reservation amount from Volks and wait for them to announce when you need to pay for it in full. This time around it was a leap of faith, do or die. I closed the deal with J.Smith for her and continued saving up till I got enough money to purchase her.


After the saving up, the trouble that I encountered was the long wait due to Volks manufacture and shipping from Japan to US Volks shop and lastly getting her out of the US. Getting her out of US is the hardest as customs here in my country are notorious for lynching money from people and the packages they are to obtain. Now this is where I learned that keeping your friends and valuing their importance played a huge role. I am part of the “Anime Alliance Philippines” group who are present in a lot of conventions here in the country helping out organize the events itself. Michael Ramas who happens to be the leader or the troupe is in the US and I asked him if he could bring the Dollfie back here in the PH. He never gave a second thought about it and by December 28th of 2012 Saber was in the Philippines and I picked her up December 30th.


So what have I learned in attaining a Dollfie. One would be is that, it is a test of one’s patience, perseverance and the ability to make one’s dream come true. I have met owners of Dollfies who have sold their doll due to the fact that they bought it using a credit card and is unable to pay for it. For me, when I learned more about dollfies I realized that they are a big obligation. Maintenance, clothing etc. are a few of the responsibilities that one has to bear. Its really like having a child itself. But as a figure collector, for me its not so different with owning a figure. Responsibility to keep them safe and clean. Dollfies are expensive but it is all worth it when you obtain one. The craftsmanship and their beauty are all but a small price to pay for such chance.


Another thing is that keeping your friendship with people. As what I have narrated, the ones who helped me get one were my friends. If your friend asked you for a favor and it is in your reach help them out. They may not return it today, tomorrow or maybe the next month but human nature dictates that we return favors done unto us. Its like our way of saying thank you for the gratitude we received during our time of need.


To introduce her, her name is ‘Yuki’ (雪) ( Dollfie Model : Saber Alter 2nd Ver. ). Yuki (雪) translated in english is ‘Snow’. The reason I named her Yuki is because the yearning I have for her or to get a dollfie to be precise is the same yearning that I felt to see snow in my lifetime. Planning to see one this year so I hope for the best!

Yuki enjoying her Peach Halves with heavy syrup while I was checking the first wave of New Year Facebook posts

Yuki enjoying her Peach Halves with heavy syrup while I was checking the first wave of New Year Facebook posts

To end this post, I would like to thank all the people who have helped me out in getting this dollfie and influenced me in obtaining one. Old peeps,, Manika Manila and others who i cant recall at the moment but you guys and gals know who you are. Thank you for your help and Happy New Year to all.

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