[GRAVITY – 50 CENT GAMING ] Guild Wars 2 Lost Shores was a lost cause!

The recently concluded 3 day exclusive in-game event of ArenaNet’s mmorpg flagship Guild wars 2 was met with criticism both good and bad. Here’s my fair share of what the circus that dropped by the town was all about.

NOTE: Video is footage of Lost Shores Dungeon Run aka Fractal of the Mists

So typically the event is not for the faint-heart for any Asia and Aussies as it occurs 4:00am (GMT+8 HK/SG TMZ) for me. Despite such I tried to participate as much as I can. Problem though was on the first day it was a real deal lag fest! When you drop by other maps you won’t lag while on the specific map itself, you’d lag EVEN IF you are already in the overflow server(s). Tried to do what I can but the lag was too much to tolerate. I decided to call it a day. Day 2 was a bit fun as only a few players decided to participate thinking that it may just very well be the same lag fest. Things went smoothly and was able to participate and enjoy the bountiful loot. The 3rd Day was the day where all hell breaks loose! The lag was very very real. The mob of players just go down without anything hitting them or rather it takes 1-3 minutes at worse to see what hit you. To describe it, the grand massacre was done by a large invisible rolling pin. It was horrible but entirely horrible may still be an understatement for the many.

So overall how do i rate the Lost Shores event. It was good entirely the problem is the laggy connectivity that we all have or majority had towards ArenaNet’s servers. Some say the server capacity was reached and overflow servers are also overflowing. The updates were great minus the Ascended gear as it really ruins a lot for other players who are just casual gamers. The Fractals of the Mist is a must run dungeon for if you don’t you will get left out of the “Food Chain” as what I call it. You also need patience as some of the paths or routes require not a bucket but a truck-full of patience.

So will I participate in another event as such? Probably not. It was really, really disappointing. The lag really took all the fun in that event and not to mention the awkward time for me as I needed to stay up till 4am onwards to participate.


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