[GRAVITY] Guild Wars 2 Special Event : The Lost Shores

Months have passed, ArenaNet’s current game flagship, Guild Wars 2 has been on the roll. As of late a new event is to occur this week known as the Lost Shores.

The content of Lost Shores will span within 3 Days wherein players will enjoy content from the new PVP battlegrounds to dungeons that will test the mettle and patience of each Guild Wars 2 player. The event also allows current players of Guild Wars 2 to invite three people to play with them during the event. Players who will be invited will have their characters boosted to LV.80 when they participate in the ‘Lost Shores’ event that will occur near Lion’s Arch.

With all the fiasco, there is but one content that I have to be skeptic about. The coming of Ascended and Infused armors. I do believe we once had these back in Guild Wars 1 and it wasn’t enticing to me but rather something that I nearly despised. Regardless, we might as well check it all out!

More information can be sought at their site.

Guild Wars 2 : Lost Shores


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