[GRAVITY] Guild Wars, Kratos and Assassins

We got tons of game updates today. Starting from Guild Wars 2 Haloween Event that just launched, to Kratos facing Nathan Drake and an Assassin’s Creed III Live Action movie in the works? Read up to see everything in detail!

First up is the Guild Wars 2 Haloween Event. Happy Halloween! Let the trick-or-treating begin. The “Mad Kings” have dusted off their costumes and are taking to the stage, telling their jokes to make the children laugh. It’s a lighthearted holiday, and only children truly believe that the spirit of Mad King Thorn once appeared in Tyria. No one has actually reported seeing him in over two centuries. These days, he’s nothing more than a tale told to make children squeal and behave. But, paranormal activity in Tyria is on the rise, and Durmand Priory scholars have taken notice. They’re not sure what’s going on, but they aim to find out! Something’s not right. From October 22 through November 1, Tyria is under the shadow of the Mad King. The weeklong event will unfold in four acts, each introducing new content to explore and experience, including decorations for Tyria and the Mists, minigames, Halloween-specific dynamic events, holiday crafting recipes, and mind blowing jumping puzzles. Join us on October 31 (midday, Pacific Time), when we’ll celebrate the holiday pinnacle with a bang! This is the premiere holiday release for _Guild Wars 2_, and we’re blasting out of the gate! Visit Lion’s Arch to begin digging into the Halloween content.

Next up is the new Playstation All-Stars Game Ad featuring Kratos, Nathan Drake a few more.

Last but not the least is an Assassin’s Creed 3 live action trailer made by a different studio. Check it out!


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