[EVENT] X-Play Officially launches NBA2k13 in the Philippines!

NBA2k13 is one of the best selling sports game title across the globe. With millions of copies sold each year. That said, X-Play together with 2K Games have proudly brought us NBA2k13!

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The official Philippine game launch was held at the National Sports Grill, Greenbelt 3 Makati City. Everyone was really hyped most importantly the fans that were also present during the said event. NBA2k13 is the latest installment for the NBA2k title. This time around it features so much improvements that even I can’t fathom that this was the NBA2K series that i’ve known through the years! Here’s a few videos of the NBA2k13 features:

Now i’m not much of an NBA game fan but my cousin told me to give it a try. Well this time I did and all that I can say is that this latest one is definitely the bomb! The game had me for more than two hours not just by customizing my shoe(s) but also during the quick matches trying to see the improvements. The controls were great especially the improvements that they did with it. All in all, this game will drain your life’s hours during weekends as you try to recreate that dream team you want!

National Sports Grill which is situated in Greenbelt 3 Makati City is one of the best places you could go to when you are a sports fanatic! If you and your friends want to watch the finals of the NBA and enjoy a few drinks and good food, this is definitely the place you should go to.

NBA2k13 is now available at local games stores throughout the country BUT if you want to grab some extra stuff you might want to check X-Play’s NBA2k13 page! They’ve got a lot of juicy stuff for any NBA2k series fan!

X-Play’s NBA2k13 Homepage

Huge thanks for people in X-Play and E-Games for this opportunity most importantly Ms. Claudine Imperial, Mr. Edmund “EJ” Afzelius, Ms. Mel Dominguez, and Mr. Juan “Migs” Bauze for this opportunity. Hope to see you guys again in your upcoming triple A game title releases!

X-play is a video game publisher in the Philippines responsible for the distribution of some of the best entertainment software in the industry. Currently, the company is an exclusive distributor of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc and handles the distribution of all Blizzard games in the Philippines including World of Warcraft, Starcraft II, and Diablo III. X-Play is also a partner of Take Two Interactive, and will be distributing games from the NBA 2k line including NBA 2k13 and NBA 2k Online among others. Along with its gaming efforts, X-Play is also a strategic partner of philstar.com, and together they handle content and marketing responsibilities for NBA.com Philippines. X-Play is a subsidiary of Ip e-Games, a company that brought in such MMORPG hits as Ran Online and Cabal Online.

You can get to know more about them by visiting their main site.

X-Play Homepage

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