[EVENT] Cosmania 2012 : The biggest Cosplay event that what could have been but never was….

So Cosmania is the self-acclaimed super cosplay event in the Philippines with the event venue presented in the SMX Function Rooms. The event is held annually around the 3rd and nearing the 4th season of the year.

What I can say with this Cosmania is that its not worth the spendings. No offense but the event itself was a gathering of poorly tailored costume. A parade of clowns who bought their costumes from a certain local anime store. A circus of what supposedly be cosplayers but in turn can be called an assorted delight of emos and clowns who forgot that they are needed elsewhere.

So what am I trying to say? That the event was a dissappointment despite the number of attendees? Despite having international guests? I would definitely say its not the event but rather the crowd or attendees. I’ve known the people who run cosmania personally. I know that they aim to bring the best to the people. I even know that the ticket pricing they implemented was really cheap. What really caught my attention and got me to contact people who are already inside the venue and get their opinion is that the cosplayers in our country who attended the event are just… “Unsatisfactory”. Even saying that they are a disappointment is but an understatement.

When I got to the venue area what I saw were cosplayers who’s costumes are half-hearted done. If I had a small blade and a twisted outward personality I would have ripped their costumes the moment I saw them. It was that awful! The anime Sword Art Online is one of the biggest titles during the event and as expected there will be Kirito and Asuna cosplayers. What I saw were “EMO-LEVEL” Kirito cosplayers and Asuna (SAO OBK) who can’t seem to realize that they got her skirt color wrong. Other female cosplayers even look as if they cried the hell out of their make-up that they look hideous! There was even a lightning (FFXIII-2) cosplayer who is literally exploding out of her costume. My reaction when I saw that was “Damn! You know you are that fat and not fit to cosplay her and you never even decided to go do a freakin diet”. If the costume would just be able to speak they’d say “Help US!”

Definitely a lot of you will tell me there are great cosplayers I just never saw them. To be honest I saw them those cosplayers. They are the ones who are present on stage. Only a handful are those who are not on-stage and not participating in the competition. I know ton of the people who were up there and I know that they can cosplay in the badass level and those who were not were also friends of mine but they have done superb still despite not participating in the competition or catwalk.

You may ask what is it that i’m trying to say. In a nutshell attending an event and paying entrance fees are fine but if one is to see a parade of clowns i’d rather save a little more, pay a group of cosplayers and organize a photoshoot. That way I won’t have to endure the long hours of my eyes bleeding wishin that i’ve never attended the event in the first place.

What could have been a gathering of cosplayers to show their craftsmanship in the art of cosplay became a gathering of lunatics who made cosplay events an excuse to see people who they want to get acquainted with or hump someone or something. To the people who spearheaded cosmania. Congratulations on the great event. The event was a success… I just wish that the cosplayers did what you guys have done for all of us which was ” To give it your all “.

There will be a follow up post on this. The next one will contain details as to how you cosplayers really should do it and it will come from those cosplayers who you guys look up to.


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