[Nendoroid Petite x Mini 4WD] Saber drives Super Saber Special

And Saber will not stop with just a motorbike! Saber is now part of the Nendoroid Petite x Mini 4WD series!

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(Taken from GSC Site)

Tamiya’s Mini 4WD model car series has just celebrated its 30th anniversary and is now working in collaboration with the Nendoroid Petite series to create a joint product that will be produced by Dengeki Hobby Magazine! The second character to join the series is Fate/stay night’s Saber!

Using specially developed parts, the Nendoroid Petite figures can easily jump into the Mini 4WD models and drive around! Each car is specially designed to suit the image and colors of the character that the car is designed for, and the figure mount is actually a cleverly designed battery holder! A set of stickers is also included with the Mini 4WD to customize it your way!

She’ll be out by February of next year. Preorders though are now open! You can order her via Amiami by clicking the link below:

Nendoroid Petite x Mini 4WD Saber drives Super Saber Special – 1,690 JPY ( $22.00 USD ) – Amiami English Site


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