[GRAVITY] Quick Learning Session about Region Codes, Redeeming DLCs and Online Pass for the PS3 and PSN

A lot are still puzzled as to what these region coding are for and how to read them as well as how they work for the DLC and Online Pass. Here’s a quick guide on how to do so.

The Playstation Network ( now known as SOE – Sony Online Entertainment ) have divided the region for Playstation 3 gaming into 4 different types.


BLES – R2 Europe

BCJP – R2 Japan

BCAS – R3 Asia

BLAU – R4 Australia

Knowing the four items above is crucial as it affects redemption of downloadable content aka DLC and usage of the ‘Online Pass’. Going back, first identify the region your game is set to. You can find that by checking the spine or the side area of the game case. It is commonly printed together with the case art of the game. Once identified you will know which region the game is for.

There are no issues in redeeming a R1, R2, and R4 Content given that the PSN Region for that is very specific. That one that is hard is the R3 since R3 is divided to either Singapore PSN or Hong Kong PSN. To identify which region you should be unlocking the game. As an example, Namco-Bandai Games’ Soul Calibur V that I bought a year ago (if im not mistaken) had a DLC Code for Dampierre. The case spine says that the game is for R3 so I need to now know if it is for Singapore PSN or Hong Kong PSN. There’s a trick to separate both. Check the card of the DLC itself and look for the support contact information such as an email or website. For this instance I got the SG Support inFormation of Namco Bandai Games hence the DLC can be unlocked via the Singapore PSN.

DLCs however unless specified are useable to any PSN account once it is unlocked. Going back to the example above. The said DLC character Dampierre that I unlocked for my R3 PSN Account allowed me to use him via the US PSN Account that I have.

Unless specified as well, there are some DLCs that are region specific. You will often see them in games produced by Square-Enix. If a DLC is region specific, what will happen is that it will only work for the disc on that specific region and also on that specific PSN Account.

Online Pass (Network Pass) is of a different matter entirely. Online Pass is only useable to the region the game is designated to. So if you bought an R3 game and it came with an online pass, you will need to use an R3 PSN account to redeem it and it will be the ONLY ONE who can use the pass. Using the other PSN account region will require you to purchase the online pass specific to that region. Same goes, trying to redeem the online pass to its improper region will result to either code used or invalid.

Source: PSN UK Blog: How to use Network Pass


2 thoughts on “[GRAVITY] Quick Learning Session about Region Codes, Redeeming DLCs and Online Pass for the PS3 and PSN

    • @Carlo I believe there is a timeframe like 2-3 months. I can’t quite add it up but there is a promo period for those based on personal experience as how we handle the codes back when I was an employee of Microsoft for Xbox Live. Though also otherwise stated, there should be no limit for it.

      Is there anything wrong with your codes still?

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