[GRAVITY] Tekken Tag Tournament 2

The release date is finally here! (In some countries). Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is finally released. More details inside including the pretty girl you see above.

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The game will come with tons of preloaded bonuses such as the bikini outfits for those who preorder the game, the snoopdog stage and of course the 4 DLC characters namely Tribal Ogre, Angel, Michelle Chang and last but not the least Kunimitsu. Don’t forget as well that it was recently leaked that the following characters will be playable to all players.

+ Miharu Hirano – Best Friend of Ling Xioayu
+ Sebastian – Lili’ Butler
+ Slim Bob – Bob’s form during the ending scene of his movie for the arcade mode.
+ Dr. Bosconovitch – creator of Alisa
+ Violet – First appeared in Tekken 4 and is the first version of Lee Chaolan.
+ Unknown – playable version of the Boss Character of the current Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

I got myself the Asia Prestige Edition which sadly will come in a later date ( 3-4 Days after the official release date ). Once I get a hold of my copy i’ll do an unboxing article for it.


4 thoughts on “[GRAVITY] Tekken Tag Tournament 2

    • At the current time even I am trying to figure out how to unlock the rest of them. Its either a conditional lock or a DLC that will be made available on a later date. Do note though that if it is a DLC it will highly be expected to be free given that Harada stated himself that they will not sell the characters but rather give them for free.

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