[GRAVITY] Square-Enix announces Final Fantasy XIII-3 : Lightning Returns

Square-Enix just announced the next installment for Final Fantasy XIII which will be “Lightning Saga”

In this next installment, players will take control of Lightning once more. The game will go with a new world, story-line and “enhanced-game system”.

The game will take place in Novus Partus, a total of four islands that are connected using a monorail and shall set the timeline hundred of years after Final Fantasy XIII-2.

What is rather important in this game is that there will be a timer. The game will apparently give players a deadline of 13-days. Players must complete the game before the days run out. Another one to note is that Lightning will be the only playable character for this title despite the fact that they will have a new cast for this installment. The battle system will be revised and will be more realistic and will include a blocking system. This will also finally close the book for the Final Fantasy XIII title.

My thoughts on this is sadly on the negative. The first Final Fantasy XIII was just plain “OK”. Then came Final Fantasy XIII-2 which was a push for the title and ended with a sad note despite having tons of DLCs. And now we have this…

Let me just be clear on this. No one wants to play a game wherein you have a clock that ticks and pushes you to rush the game. It’s very very stupid if you ask me. Things like this makes the game too stiff and then add the fact that only Lightning is the playable character. For me this is not Final Fantasy anymore, not one bit! For me Final Fantasy is about exploring the world with your main character and meeting other people who will help your cause and discover the vast world that the game publisher/company has given or made for the said title and get a well deserved ending for all the time you or us wasted to complete the game.

Overall I know that I will play this game just to get a closure but what I can say is that Square-Enix really desecrated the Final Fantasy title after Final Fantasy X-2. The Final Fantasy titles after FFX-2 were all crappy. Someone really needs to get fired at Square-Enix as they are as worse as the Philippine Television drama that I see every weekdays aired during the evening.

Final Fantasy XIII-3 : Lightning Saga will debut on 2013.


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