[GRAVITY] Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.4 Update – Kicking the Wiz down for the count!


As what the title stated, the upcoming update is going to be very very unpleasant to any Wizard user in the game Diablo 3. How? read further as we discuss the so called “up-date-to-be” for Diablo 3.

Hydra is an iconic skill in the wizard’s arsenal…

Ok so yes it is true since the dawn actually of Diablo 2 that the Hydra has become the iconic skill of the Sorceress but not in the same case as of Diablo 3. In Diablo 3 the hydras are subdivided into: Arcane, Lightning, Venom(poison), Frost and Mammoth. The only useful Hydra is the Venom(poison) and second would be Arcane given the arcane effect if one it so synchro it with a good arcane damage. The rest of the hydras can be discarded.

Now with the 1.0.4 update, Blizzard plans to make changes to the Hydras that they have for the game. They pointed out that the Lightning Hydra should be the top-tier. Here’s my take on this… Hydra is indeed a great skill, there’s no doubt in my mind that a lot of Wizard users in this game use this skill. But the problem is the Hydra in this Diablo version can only be summoned or casted ” ONE HYDRA AT A TIME “ you try to summon another hydra and it relocates your present hydra to the location you pointed the second one. So that said, what use is a Hydra if you have hordes after hordes of demons who want to claim your ass. Hydras are just good for setup but once you are running for your life your hydra won’t save you.

Having well-balanced proc coefficients on all skills is not only better for Legendaries, but also for the game in the long term.

What exactly are they talking about? Proc Coefficiency aka trigger for Effects is what allows a skill such as Energy Twister to trigger a certain skill or effect. As an example, Twister with Wicker Wind has a proc Coef. of 0.25 which gives it a high chance to generate the needed chance to trigger a certain skill or effect such as Critical Mass and as many do know “Critical Mass” reduces the cooldown of skills by 1 second per critical attack generated by a skill of the Wizard. Put 4 Energy Twisters in play and you got 0.25 x 4 x [Number of Hits done per Energy Twister]. As you can see, Energy Twister kicked with Wicker Wind Rune really would do the job. Hence it is widely used by tons of players in this game.

Now going back, Blizzard plans to change the Proc Coef of Wicker Wind + Twister to 0.125 which is very low from the original 0.25 if you ask me. To get an almost same equivalent output of the old Twister with Wicker Wind Rune you would need to have around 6-7 active Energy Twister. Sure you say that its ok since you got “Arcane Power Gain Per Crit”. Did I mention that Proc Coef. also affects the effectivity of your “Arcane Power Gain Per Crit”. That said you will need more than just 5-6 active Twisters in play. How will this affect your gameplay you ask. What it’ll do is that it’ll break your setup. Wizards are known to have abused the power of “Critical Mass”, “Frost Nova”, “Diamond Skin” and the likes of few. They can be spammed almost infinitely as long as you have a few active Energy Twisters and a good pack of horde to leech your Arcane Power.

You may ask me why does Blizzard want to do that to Energy Twister. Their reason is that they will have Legendary Items that will help counter-act this or do more “magic” for our character. I say, its a complete “BS”. Why fix something that is not broken? I don’t quite understand that with Blizzard. The only thing that really pops in my mind as to why they did this is again the promotion of RMAH. Don’t get me wrong but i’m not against RMAH but what I am irked is the blatant and forced promotion. Its like getting impaled in the ass with an iron bar. That’s how it is with their marketing strategy for the game itself.

Overall, this may actually be the last few posts that i’ll be making for Diablo 3. The game is a lost cause now. Tons of players are selling their accounts left and right and are just preparing to play a different online game or go back to their consoles. All I can say is that Blizzard-Activision made the best recipe of them all. The recipe of disaster and suicide.


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