[GRAVITY] EXCLUSIVE : Behind the Scenes of the “Grand Chase PH – Bakunawa Project”

The Bakunawa Pet for Grand Chase PH is released and available to the many to obtain. For those curious, how did it all came to be. Allow me to narrate it as to how it all happened.

As part of the group, we were actually brainstorming for a content. Dungeons, armors, pets, characters. We can’t say what we are doing precisely at that time but at that moment one of the group members proposed to create and focus on a new pet for Grand Chase PH given that our little Sarimanok isn’t that of the loved kind for the many.

Ideas were gathered from each member of the group. We started by making sure of the theme and ended up with Philippine folklore. Thus began the “Aswang” ideas poppin’ left and right. So who are the candidates that were in competition aside from the Bakunawa?

1. Tikbalang
Image Source: kajobaldisimo.deviantart.com
One of the most famous entity in Philippine folklore, the Tikbalang. The idea of the Tikbalang came from the famous Komiks of Budjette Tan and artist Kajo Baldisimo known as “Trese”. The tikbalang(s) in that comic are just badass. They tower high and have muscles that can arm-bar any normal person to death. They wield bows and a machete type sword. Oh and did I say that the komiks Trese is a filipino komik? The tikbalang’s look will be the same as the image that you saw above and below.

Image source: http://budjette.deviantart.com/
Anyways, the Tikbalang never made the cut. Reason being is that the Tikbalang as stated during one of the meetings, if were to become a pet, would be the first pet to tower (in terms of height) for any Grand Chase character. The pet also looks better as an opponent. That said, Tikbalang was set aside for latter time.

2. Manananggal – Loli-fied Ver.
Image Source: mukatmanako.deviantart.com
Given the game approach done with Grand Chase. The team talked about getting a cute Manananggal as a pet. Though its a bit weird to have her despite the loli-fied appearance. The attack sequence was supposedly to go with the top half separating from the bottom. So its a bit gruesome regardless of what aspect you may think. That said, she got set aside along with Tikbalang.

3. Santelmo
Image Source: http://tresekomix.blogspot.com/
Commonly known at St. Elmo’s Fire. This little flame-ball was scrapped too quickly. Reason being is that we already have an opponent that resembles the Santelmo. Check Zig’s dungeon to see the Santelmo that we are talking about. That said, Santelmo really never made the cut.

So these were the primary three that went head-to-head during the debate/meeting for the pet concept. The Bakunawa won unanimously after long discussions. From what I recall the discussions went for a day or two. As for the creation of it. Below are the artist sketches done that were submitted to KOG.

That’s right! The sketches (preliminary) were done here in the Philippines. Once everything was laid out such as the attack patterns and the design of it. It was time to submit it to KOG.

Once submitted we waited for months actually before we heard back. The first news that we got was KOG was delighted about the approach for the pet and they would be doing it for Philippines. So it was a “YEY” moment for the whole group and Level-Up-Games. Little did we know that it will take time but we have to be patient for it.

Next news that we got was KOG requested its artist(s) to resketch Bakunawa to fit the Grand Chase genre. As what you saw previously in the images, the Bakunawa that we made was something that would fit the Yu-Gi-Oh genre. When we saw the sketch it was really a huge surprise to us. I can’t say exactly but we have mixed emotions about it. Regardless, seeing the project nearing its completion is still worth it.

Months passed and finally everything was complete. The 3D render and the pet skills were finalized by KOG and thus we have the Bakunawa that you see right now in your inventory. It was a huge success for the group itself to be able to make it this far. What I can say as part of the group itself is that we will not stop with just this pet. We have other projects that we are working at for the game itself so rest assure that we will bring more exclusive content for Grand Chase Philippines.

On behalf of the whole team, Level-Up-Games and KOG, This is Nendogamer (Lockon) and we would like to thank you all for your appreciation to the game and also for dropping by! Hope to see you again here at my channel and in-game as well in Grand Chase.


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