[NendoVault] GoodSmile Co. Saber & Saber Motored Cuirassier Review

Saber is a well known character from Type-Moon’s Fate series that originated from the light novel. The figure that we have for review today is none-other-than her Fate/Zero Version brought to us by GoodSmile Co.

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As what you can see this is from the famous scene during the Fate/Zero title. Using her ability to create an armor that can negate magic. Saber gives her big bike a face-lift and also an extra boost in terms of movement or speed all thanks to her “riding” skill.

GoodSmile Co. has definitely outdone themselves this time. The details on her bike and on Saber herself were amazing! The price for it was definitely way up there though one would note that the figure as usual with all of GoodSmile Co.’s releases, lack the bulkness as to what we see in Kotobukiya, Alter and Max Factory figures. Video below will show the 360 rotational view of the figure.

Still at the end of the day. The figure really does make a superb addition to a rare figure collector and much more to any Saber of Fate Stay Night series fan out there.

Special and huge thanks to Amiami for this. You can drop by Amiami’s store for any anime, manga and game goodies. Check them out by browsing their catalogue from the side panel of this blog or go directly to them http://amiami.com/


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