[BREAKING NEWS] Nendoroid Irine !!!

Breaking news! A new nendoroid was just spotted as of recently and this one appears to be of a rare kind. The newest girl to be added to the rare nendoroid is is none-other-than Irine from the popular MMO-game, Dragon Nest.

For those who are just confused about this post. Irine is an NPC (non-playable character) in the popular online game “Dragon Nest”. She’s known as the “Road Event Planner” or simply “Event Planner”. In the game she is decribed as ” Incredibly friendly to all adventurers and is always very encouraging, likely being hired for that very reason. She is also a little bashful, as she isn’t quite as adept at talking about an offer to be friends as she is with talking about how to be friends with someone else. ”

In-game, Irine has been popular to the gamers for her “Teddy Bear print Panties”. It’s appeal is known to anyone who is playing the game hence it is highly possible that the reason for her existence as a Nendoroid was driven by fans themselves. Release date and pricing are yet to be announced for as what you can see from the image above, she is still classified as a prototype and yet to be even be painted.

Below are a few gameplay samples of Dragon Nest.

Source: MFC.net


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