[GRAVITY] Final Fantasy Versus XIII Cancelled?

Six long years has passed and the game notorious for its “trailer only” status may have the bleakest future among all Final Fantasy titles of Square-Enix? What’s the score entirely on this title?

Six years has passed and the game has only been a trailer based eye-candy to all gamers. A trailer of the system was shown way back but that’s all there is to it. Final Fantasy Versus XIII which is said to be part of the Fabula Nova series as stated by Square-Enix. With long delays by its own publisher. A lot of us question, will it ever come out.

Apparently, news came in from Kotaku as per their source that the game may no longer be in production. A lot has happened over the course of six years and all we keep hearing from Square-Enix is that its in production and details won’t be disclosed. But as per the source of the info by Kotaku, the source noted that SE (Square-Enix) decided to let the game die a silent death. Meaning, not to inform the public about the game’s gradual and definite retirement from the drawing board or work in progress. Reason being is that it may affect stocks and reception of gamers/customers to SE’s products.

It would seem justifiable given that a lot of the workers in SE was transferred to the upcoming Final Fantasy XV. That said, will we ever see this game come true or will this be another one of those projects that everyone waited so much but will never come true. Do note, as Kotaku stated, this is just a rumor. Though where there’s smoke, there’s fire as what I always say.

SE will have a conference in the next few months. If Final Fantasy Versus XIII makes an appearance then this rumor will definitely be hammered-out. If not, guess it’ll be a huge disappointment for all Final Fantasy fans out there.

More details from Kotaku.

Kotaku : Rumor: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Is Dead


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