[NendoVault] Transcend JetFlash T3S

A very interesting gadget found its way on my hands a few days ago. This one is a thumb-drive or commonly referred to as “USB DRIVE/STICK”. This is the Transcend JetFlash T3S.

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So what makes this thumb-drive special from the rest of the thumb-drive world. Well for once it is very very small. Some refer to it as a tiny thumb-drive. Despite the size though the Transcend JetFlash T3S (this one is a 4GB) can do the following:

  • Can hold up to 1952 Photos
  • Can hold a 22hour Standard video and/or 60min. Full HD video format
  • Can store up to 1000 songs (4min. 128kbps.)

Going back to its size, to depict to you guys how small this is. I used GoodSmile Co. Nendoroid Kirino Kosaka from the anime series 俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない for size comparison. For a description, its even small than my thumb itself. Now to some owners or soon-to-be owners of items such as this one. It’s a bit a problem wherein you may accidentally end up not taking it out of your pocket and it gets part of the laundry the next day. Transcend however had already though of such and thus made a practical solution by making it “Waterproof”.

To me this seems to be a joke so I gave it a good run for its name. I left it inside my pocket intentionally and it became part of the laundry the following day. (Yes, I do my own laundry). So you got detergent, fabric softener and water kicking this little guy. After it was all said and done, re-plugged it back to my desktop and it works! Placed a few music, photos and videos in and plugged it to my PS3 and still works like a charm! So Transcend’s claim for it to be waterproof is definitely true to the dot!

Last but not the least Transcend gave its thumb-drive a backup cloud storage. Now some may say what do I need a cloud storage for if i’m using a thumb-drive. The good thing about this is that what if a virus infected your thumb-drive and you need to reformat it? What about your files inside it and you need it ASAP! Transcend answered that question with their Elite Data Management – RecoverRx. The said application is free to all T3 Transcend thumb-drive and selected Transcend storage device products. The warranty card shows its user on how to get the said application/software ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Overall, what makes it different from your $5 USD thumb-drive? It has software back-up, small(tiny), waterproof, stylish metallic design (other models come with a leather strap) and its just around $9 USD for the 4GB drive. So a few more bucks and you get a better product with a year worth of warranty if it breaks down. Pretty neat if you ask me instead of buying another replacement 4GB $5 USB thumb-drive that breaks down after a few usage.

You can check more about the product by visiting Transcend’s PH Facebook Page.
For purchasing you can contact BanBros PH. or drop by their shop.

Banbros Commercial, Inc.
BB Corporate Center
No. 32 Pilar St. cor. Araullo St.,
Addition Hills, San Juan


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