[GRAVITY] Halo 4 Mini Series Trailer Debut!

That’s right folks! Microsoft is proud to announce that their hard-work on their Halo franchise is about to debut its live-action series this September.

It has been going on for quite sometime now that Microsoft has invested in creating a live-action series for their most treasured game title, HALO which is an XBOX360/XBOX exclusive title (except for the first Halo). The said title has been the flagship of Microsoft and now the live action trailer is about to debut this September 5th 2012 via Machinima.

The trailer is amazing, too amazing for me actually. I’ve played the Halo series and it was astounding. The storyline itself may not be that solid for some but its enough to get an FPS enthusiast hooked for a good amount of hours in-front of their TVs and their XBOX360. I really just do hope that Microsoft does not mess this one up. Halo is a great franchise that a movie / mini-series of such magnitude can also affect its fanbase.


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