[GRAVITY] E3 Coverage : Square-Enix’s announces its new graphics engine for the next-generation of console gaming.

With the ever evolving tech around us. One must always assume that companies need to step up their IPs somewhere down the road. Square-Enix have begun theirs with this new trailer shown during E3. The trailer portrays a character known as Agni which is a character in the Final Fantasy Universe.

The trailer’s graphics are really astounding but here’s a problem. Square-Enix have been for a long time tarnished the name of “Final Fantasy” with its failed iterations of the game namely Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2. The said game never got a proper closure that everyone is looking for.

For me, no matter how good a graphics is in any game. As long as the story doesn’t ring a bell. You won’t see me raving about it. That said, together with this new graphics that they presented that they claim to be the next-gen for console graphics. Will they finally bring back the glory of what was once we gamers all cherished when one is to say the title… “Final Fantasy”.


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