[NendoVault] GoodSmile Co. : Nendoroid Mika Sayaka + Sakura Kyouko Review

Been a long time since I last made a review. This time around it’ll me the two nendoroids that got my Puella Magi Girls complete. For figure and nendoroid enthusiasts, are these two girls worth the wait and money? Read more to know with this review.

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Let’s start with Sakura Kyouko, this red hair girl is one of the Puella Girls who seem to be the oddest for me as I watched the series. Her character is in a way simple with a bit of a complexity. Wielding her trusty spear, she’ll do whatever it takes to reach her goal even if there are sacrifices to be made, she will not hesitate one bit as long as she reaches her prize.

Going back to the Nendoroid version of her, the spear is really long. Longer than Nendoroid Nanoha’s weapon. The spear can also turn to a nunchuck-type which is handy for battle (in the series). Not much extra equipment that came along with her. Was expecting something special though what I got was a stick of pocky and a taiyaki which is a trademark of hers wherein she is almost always spotted eating something.

Next would be Miki Sayaka, member of the Puella Magi who wields an array of Cutlass. Some say they are swords but looking at it closely here in the Nendoroid version of it. It shows that these “swords” of hers are a collection of Cutlass. Sayaka is one of Madoka’s friends who sadly met her demise in one of the most unconventional matter (though nothing beats Mami’s demise).

Anyways, the Nendoroid for me is amazing. The details on each Cutlass is remarkable. With the ever degrading quality of figures nowadays. I find it hard to believe with the makers and this one have kept my faith with GoodSmile Co. for their Nendoroid line. Much like the Nendoroid Tomoe Mami, the array of Cutlass can be displayed all together with the figure.

At the end of it all, was the purchase worth it. I’d say it is if you are a Puella Magi series fan and also a YES for any anime + manga figure collector. The Puella Magi Nendoroid line will be one of those nendoroids that will be sought after a year or two and would be the rares much like the K-ON! Nendoroid franchise. While the Puella Nendoroids may not bring much artillery to your Nendoroid army, I really still believe that they are a must get since its not everyday that you get a Nendoroid magical girl line completed with all the abrupt releases of GoodSmile Co. with its Nendoroid line.


One thought on “[NendoVault] GoodSmile Co. : Nendoroid Mika Sayaka + Sakura Kyouko Review

  1. I like Miki Sayaka more than the red haired girl.. Must be because of the swords! It’d be fun to play with other heavy armored nendos. ❤

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