[GRAVITY] Diablo 3 : After long years of wait, Its finally here!

One of the baddest games of the year was finally released a few weeks ago last May 15th worldwide. It is none other than Diablo 3 itself!

Highly and much anticipated by fans. Diablo 3 was met with a successful game launch minus the Error 37, Error 3006, Error 3007 and Error 3003. The game stormed across the globe that acquiring physical copies became an issue. But for those (like me) who were able to obtain the game, we unboxed it, let out the guest pass to those who can’t play the game since they are skeptic and play the game for nearly 24 hours. Some even did 24-48 hour first immense gameplay which was broadcasted live via twitch.tv

We now jump unto the game mechanics, graphics and other stuff. The game is astounding. Given the age of graphical art, Diablo 3 is still immensely beautiful. Sure it may not have some of the great perks of Diablo 2 but the game was still able to stand in its own aesthetics. The diversity of the classes from the all time favorite Barbarian, to the swarm and infestation assault brought upon by the Witch Doctor, to the sacred and devastating strikes of the Monk, with the ever so elaborate yet deadly arcane magic of the Wizard to the elaborate tactics played by the Demon Hunter. The game offers a wide array of tactics that will surely put all players to their mettle to give each and every class a try.

Character progression is very very different but almost similar as to how Guild Wars does it. Difference is that you can change your skills on the fly but be warned that changing them on the fly, some of them may have a cooldown so you may see yourself running from champions, nightmares and/or boss as you wait for your newly loaded skill to become available. Partners in crime also return in the form of the Enhantress (my personal fave), the Templar and the Scoundrel. Though these assistants may not be available for PVP but we are yet to confirm it since the PVP area of the game is a post patch as stated by Blizzard.

The crafting system is a bit tricky as it does not provide you the needed items entirely. Good thing about it is that it is shared across your characters which will save up money in the future and would not destroy future aspect of gameplay if one is to create a new character. Jeweler is also a new part of the game given that the horadric cube is no longer part of the game system. I am yet to do more about the Jeweler so I can’t divulge proper info but seeing what it can do is a bit amazing but still underwhelming. I mean they could have just given us another horadric cube.


Diablo 3 has been a much and long awaited game that can even break relationships in real life if they don’t tread carefully. The game is nice with a few hiccups here and there with the ‘always-online’ issue but get past that and you’d have yourself countless hours of hellspawn slaying together with your friends wherever they maybe across the globe.


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