[NendoVault] – Max Factory – Kuroneko Kamineko Ver. (Kuroneko Holy Angel Ver.)

Finally got around doing this review of my latest acquired figma. Limited Edition figma(s) are but a hole driller to anyone’s wallet(s). If one would not acquire it, the latter acquisition is destined to be more painful compared to the release itself. That said, given that I am a fan of the series “My Little Sister Can’t be this Cute!” (俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない). I acquired a few of the main cast and more importantly my favorite character in the show, Kuroneko. This time, its the Kuroneko Kamineko Ver. which can be seen in the Light Novel Version of the said title.

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The figure sure is nice although problem still struck the said figure. As many Max Factory Figma collectors would note, the issue of Figma’s face-plate is forever haunting it. They say removing the head together with its joint peg is the solution but the problem arises there as well. Removing the peg/joint would end up losing its grip over repeated actions. That said, playing around with facial expression is from limited and close to none.

The accessories were also but limited. Its almost as if Max Factory wants you to thank them for even including a picnic basket which I for one can’t still think of a good way to use that picnic basket aside from a picnic theme shoot or a physically abusive representation of Kuroneko Kamineko using the basket as a weapon.

Another would be that there are two chest/torso plate(s) for this figma. I don’t quite get why are there two of it. I checked it physically and there has not been much of a difference all except for bust size but still. Why Max Factory?

One last thing which I find it the most awkward of all the figma(s) that i’ve bought was the stand. The stand does not let Kuroneko land to the ground. She’s just floating. I do get the idea of it being an angelic theme but geez the whiz Max Factory. It was as if the sizing of it was wrong. What I do love however is the mask-plate. Rarely do I get a figure with a mask-plate and I’m a bit of a fan of “Mask(s)” itself.

Overall, Max Factory’s Kuroneko Kamineko Ver. is a must get for me since I love the character Kuroneko but if you are not a fan of the series, I do suggest passing out on this little figure. If you are then this is a must get! Not sure anymore of the availability given that this one is a Dengeki Exclusive.


7 thoughts on “[NendoVault] – Max Factory – Kuroneko Kamineko Ver. (Kuroneko Holy Angel Ver.)

  1. i kinda new to figures (never had one) and i was wondering… how you can change the faces and body? do u get several figures? or several heads that u can replace? and how that mask think going down? sorry for the noob questions, these ques been killing me for years… i want to know that figures control works.. also can u undress that figures? : o

    • Figma(s) come with accessories and faceplate(s). Nendoroids also come with accessories and faceplates. The problem with Max Factory’s Figma(s) is that the faceplate is not the same size as of the rest of the faceplate of their other units/figma(s) which is rather disappointing unlike Nendoroids whose faceplate can be interchanged with other nendoroids regardless of what year it is released therefore maximizing a collectors capability to portray reactions or scenarios for their collection during photoshoots/review. Bodies also sometime come as an additional but the figure cost gets increased if an extra body is provided in the release/item.

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