[GRAVITY] More DLC (Yet Again) for Final Fantasy XIII-2 [ Snow and Valfodr ]

As specified in the Limited Ed. Guidebook of Final Fantasy XIII-2. Snow’s story will be a DLC and is now up next together with a new Coliseum Battle DLC which is said to push players down to the mettle.

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Snow Villiers is now set to appear as a DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2. The DLC aims to explain as to why Snow chose to set on a journey and same goes clarity as to why he became a L’Cie once again. The theme is “Don’t Fight for Me” which also happens to be an idea by the female staff of the said game title. Due to that, expect a little of those love scenarios that girls are after.

Last but not the least is details about Valfodr. The said DLC is a Coliseum battle but as stated by Motomu Toriyama, the said episode will clear issues about the Coliseum’s mystery. Valfodr will also appear in Snow’s DLC in the second half/latter part. As documented in the monster database of Final Fantasy XIII-2, Valfodr is one of the strongest monsters in Valhalla and has defeated Mog when they faced in battle once. He added that the monster will eventually grow to the point that it will reach its maximum potential which he assures will drive players to take the battle seriously as if they are in a final boss battle.

The said update is awesome and for me brings a new challenge given that Final Fantasy XIII-2 is a pretty easy to beat RPG Game. Gilgamesh isn’t that much of a challenge if you ask me if you compare him to Jihl Nabaat but this one may do keep me on my toes and redefine my whole Paradigm Tactics.

No Release date so far but if I am to rely on my guidebook it’ll be around the month of May which brings us to the question… Where’s Lightning’s Story DLC?


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