NendoVault: [GoodSmile Co.] Love is War DX – Review –

It took a long time but the wait is over. Finally got my Love is War DX Figure by GoodSmile Co. One of the much awaited figure to land in my hands will be reviewed by yours truly!

To begin, I cannot stress the fact that the box is really big! The biggest box that I have acquired for a figure would be Black Rock Shooter (Cannon) scale figure which was way back in a good estimate of near 2 years ago. This one however and as to what I call it, ended up looking like a “Saint Myth Cloth Box”, the one that you see in the popular anime series “Saint Seiya”.

Carrying it is easy but the mere fact that its that big, I had to call a taxi to bring it home. Took a day actually to open it due to some IRL issues that are not connected to my hobby. That aside, unboxing the said item was remarkable. Not to mention the tons of tape that hold the items close together. It was just astounding to see her inside her box. Took her out and slowly assembled her. The stage is really neat but issues about it is that it does feel flimsy. This is one thing that you have to take note if the product is to be mass produced by GoodSmile Co. Their bases are all flimsy and have a lack of the sturdy feeling hence some collectors prefer to have either Max Factory or Alter rack up their collection.

Setting it up was fairly simple. It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out not to mention the guide was nice and all but never did looked at it except for the part wherein I had a hard time connecting the twin-hair tails of Hatsune Miku. The material used for her is somewhat similar to World is Mine hence putting to much strength in connecting her piece is a bad approach.

Speaking of connecting and checking, As a Hatsune Miku fan (not a hardcore one) I do know that Miku’s lower undergarment is a striped version aka “shimapan”. Apparently GoodSmile Co. made another mistake. Her lower undergarment aka Panties are just plain white. GoodSmile Co. seems to be notorious in such occasions. The first Black Rock Shooter Anime Ver. that they released had an issue wherein the “star” logo is missing hence they shipped out “Stickers” which is much to my annoyance hence I ended up selling mine for a better item instead. Its a disappointment entirely and I really don’t like it. Sure not everyone is going to look at that area when she is displayed but getting it right is important especially for figure collectors.

That aside, the stand/base like what I stated is very flimsy. Without the tower at the back, and with the megaphones placed in the stand, the whole thing would topple over and killing Miku in an instant. Once built however, the whole thing would stand on its own. Another design flaw that I forgot to mention was the megaphone and the wire(pink/magenta colored wire). The wire felt cheap. Too cheap actually as I can purchase one in a local hardware store for a few bucks. The megaphone also does not sit/grip nicely to her hand once the wire is attached. It looks a bit awkward when you look at it in certain angle(s).

A few minutes more and the setup is complete. The figure is is remarkable and astounding. Love is War is one of the iconic songs of Hatsune Miku when she first debuted out in the market along side with Light Song, World is Mine and Black Rock Shooter.

If you are asking how much the figure is, the price is 14,000 JPY ($169.40 USD) (Source: GoodSmile Co. – Love is War DX – Product Page – ). With all the pitfalls that this figure has. One is to ask “Is it all worth it”. As a collector myself and waited for a very long time (She was announced together with Black Rock Shooter [Cannon] and World is Mine but got delayed too many times) the price is really hefty for a figure that lacked accuracy and durability.

Sure its very beautiful but I’m a collector who also looks at other categories or aspects of a figure. Overall, she is a lovely addition to my collection but I just hoped that GoodSmile Co. would have done a better job on this one to make our money’s worth.

Figure Rating : [★][★][★][★][☆]


2 thoughts on “NendoVault: [GoodSmile Co.] Love is War DX – Review –

    • @Sheng:
      Actually she is fragile. You do need to take her off her base every once a while cause if you don’t she’d stick like glue and pegs would snap-off once you try to remove it. Happened to my BRS Cannon and had to do surgery on the base for that.

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