[GRAVITY] Mass Effect on your Final Fantasy XIII-2? HELL YEAH!

Famitsu just posted information about the upcoming DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2. This time around, we get the N7 Armor of Commander Shepherd from the popular Bioware (EA) game, Mass Effect!
( and new Coliseum Battle DLC ).

As seen above, Commander Shepherd’s N7 armor will make a debut anytime soon on the Final Fantasy XIII-2. A rather fitting DLC considering that you’re to duke it out with badass monsters wherein that little bikini DLC costume of Serah should have already revealed more of her skin.

Aside from the said N7 Armor DLC, more news just came in for the Coliseum battle. This time around, we get something from Final Fantasy VI namely Ultros and Typhon. Not sure about the Octopus but who cares. Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC is a sure get for me. More details will be posted once available and same goes pricing and release date.


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