[GRAVITY] Kick-start Guild Wars 2 the most awesome way possible!

Guild Wars 2, the MMORPG that is much awaited not only by its core fans but also the rest of the MMO world. Dubbed as the game that will change the tide and what MMORPG is which just so happens to be accepting Preorders come April 10th. Above all the preorders this one features one hell of a preorder bonus which would rank head-on with Diablo 3 Limited Edition Bundle and its just for $150 USD.

Guild Wars 2 offers the Digital -Standard Package- (boring one if you are a long time player of the game), The Digital -Deluxe Edition- and the awesome and badass Digital -Collector’s Edition-. The image above shows what you’re going to get if you purchase per category however….

What does the whole Collector’s Edition look like? See for yourself below.

Rytlock Brimstone, for those who have not read the novels of Guild Wars : Ghost of Ascalon and Guild Wars : Edge of Destiny. You might probably be wondering who is this furry friend of ours who explodes with too much awesomeness. Here’s a bit of his bio:

” Rytlock Brimstone “ is a tribune of the Blood Legion and one of the most prominent charr of the Black Citadel. He is feared by many among the charr due to his status and that he gained it by killing his superiors and taking their titles. Rytlock was also once a member of Destiny’s Edge, when he was an ally and close friend of the human Logan Thackeray, despite the historical enmity between their two races. He wields Sohothin, the sword previously owned by Prince Rurik.
Rytlock is regarded as “strange” by many other charr as he had voluntarily distanced himself from his warband in separated assignments for unknown reasons. This causes some charr to continue to disregard him even after his various promotions and high standings in Destiny’s Edge. Him having worked alongside Logan, a human, even before the peace treaty negotiations began also brings some questioning by charr about Rytlock’s loyalties. He is often quick to “remind” them that he no longer considers Logan an ally.

So you get a ” 10-inch Rytlock Brimstone figure “ when you get the” Collectors Edition “. I’ve measured up that 10-inch with my ruler and be amazed that it is freakin tall! 10 inches = 25.4 centimeters for those who wish to get the CM grade of it. Its tall, its big and its badass! Who would not want that especially if you are a Guild Wars fan such as myself. I don’t care much for the early launch access. I care about the goods that comes along with it and they decided to top it off with a cherry known as Rytlock Brimstone. No in-game item in that game can surpass that for me.

Though I do pray that ArenaNet would not mutilate Rytlock by creating a crappy replica of him. As much as possible I want it to be filled with details in precision level since this will be added to my collection of figures which range from the awesome and the rares.

Preorders will open come April 10th so better get those wallets and that credit card ready… The journey back to the new age of Tyria is about to begin! Get more details by heading to their page:

GuildWars 2 Pre-Order Info Page


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