[GRAVITY] Final Fantasy XIII-2 Coliseum DLC: Jihl Nabaat will show her prowess next week on XBL and PSN

This is the best news that i’ve received so far this entire week! Jihl Nabaat, this lovely lady is confirmed for North America and Europe March 13/14 release! Read up for the juicy details!

Jihl Nabaat was present in Final Fantasy XIII but never got a good screen time. For me it was such a waste to see her beauty be dumped by just a Ruinaga / Ruin by Bartholomeus. That moment for me told me that Square-Enix just wasted a great 3D render. Now that we have Final Fantasy XIII-2 which seems to be the redeeming moment for the Final Fantasy XIII franchise.

Jihl Nabaat makes a comeback and you will need to deal with her in the Coliseum. The Lightning and Amodar Character DLC was a tough battle and not to mention the Omega battle would definitely struck a nerve to unwary Final Fantasy enthusiast.

To get Lightning, Amodar and Omega, you’d need to duke it out till you get their monster crystal wherein the drop rate is in the all-time-low. Some people get it on their first run. Mine however, I got Lightning on the 12th run while no Amodar in sight and Omega is still kicking my ass which takes me 25mins. to beat him on our first all out encounter. ( Noel and Serah have 3 jobs maxed out [99] with 1 job on 50+ ).

Jihl however presents a huge obstable. Sure, she does summon PSICOM soldiers but they are not limited to “Humans”. She range from soldiers to beasts.. to Behemoths even! This girl is a tamer… A monster tamer! Players who plan to recruit her would need to convince her with a sharp bow and arrow tagged with a sword and javelin. Definitely one tough battle ensues so better start widening and mastering that Crystarium for the next few days!

Coliseum Battle: Jihl Nabaat DLC is priced at $2.99 USD-PSN- and 240MS Points-XBL- for North America while its £1.59 / € 1.99 (depending on the region you’re at) for Europe. JP PSN will get her next week too so everyone will get a piece of her.

/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-[EXTRA ROUND]-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/

Lightning’s Story DLC will most likely be titled as “Lightning’s Story: Requiem of the Goddess” which will be available this coming mid-May. No price as of yet though but this will definitely stir things up.

Source: Siliconera


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