[GRAVITY] : Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Overflow! (UPDATED for PSN Content with Price)

Tons of updates have been released over the past few days about Final Fantasy and here are they are!

[ Jihl Nabaat as DLC for Coliseum Battle ]

Jihl Nabaat as players and fans of Final Fantasy would remember this lovely girl as part of the opposing force. She never got a good screen time if you ask me and seems like Square-Enix plans to redeem her for it by adding her as a Coliseum Battle DLC and thus adding her to your party like Lightning and Amodar.

Japan will first get their shot at her come March 13th for 300JPY while the rest of the world will follow.

[ Weapon DLC -Genji Bow- for Serah and Calimity Blade and Muramasa for Noel now available! ]

The said weapons for Serah and Noel are now available in Japan for 100 JPY. The rest of the world of course would soon follow (Hopefully)

Here are the specs of the weapons:

Serah ( Genji Bow )*shown above* – allows Serah to attack more frequently aka Faster ATB rate Charge

Noel ( Calamity Blade ) – Allows faster build-up of the ATB gauge up until MID of the game story.

Noel ( Muramasa ) – Improved Chain Bonus.

Honestly speaking i’d definitely get them but I prefer a faster ATB charge rate and apparently and so it seems, the said weapon is retrievable in-game.

UPDATE: Genji Bow, Muramasa, Catastrophe Blade and Seraphic Wing are now available at the Playstation Network (North America) for $0.99 USD each!

[ Lightning’s Story coming this May ]

Fans of Lightning were disappointed that her damsel in distress sister took on her mantle for this installment but Square-Enix is trying to mend with players by announcing that they will release a storyline featuring Lightning which may end up similar to their previous character dlc the Sazh’s Head or Tails. For that matter, I really don’t care much just as long as they reveal more as to what is happening and what will happen in the future for this game.

Stay tuned to this site as I do plan to get all of them and will post as soon as they are available and prices for both XBL and PSN.


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