[GoodSmile Co.] Nendoroid Sakura Shinguji & Koubu Set – PREVIEW –

Nendoroid Updates courtesy of our friend Mika-tan which is posted over her blog. This time around we got one of the most famous anime title that was shown on TV, Sakura Wars!

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I still remember it almost as clear as day when I first got to watch this show. It was on cable tv under the flagship of AXN wherein at that time there was no Animax channel. For those who don’t know, Animax was created in order for AXN to separate the Anime content from their drama, action and other prime program titles. Going back, The feature today is for Sakura Shinguji and Her Pink Kobu!

What i’m amazed here is that they went an extra mile to include the Kobu unit that she uses. As stated back before and during the WonFest, the Sakura Wars franchise will be NENDO-FIED so expect to have almost or all the cast to receive the Nendo-treatment. Details about preorders will soon be posted so check back again for the said follow up post.


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