[GRAVITY] : More DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2!!!!

Square-Enix has announced that they’ll be releasing more DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2. This time around we got a Sazh Storyline DLC and new costumes for the lovely Serah and strong-willed Noel.

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By far this version of Final Fantasy has kept me on my toes with its environment and the DLC. A large portion of its fan-base have already finished the game is are wondering about some of the character’s back story and as such would be Sazh. That said, come February 28th ( North America ) an additional story will be available for download via the Xbox Live and Playstation Network which will cover Sazh’s background story as to how he and his son ended up in Serendipity Casino. This also includes new games for the casino and also a side quest coming from none other than Chocolina herself.

In addition to the said DLC, Square-Enix will also release new outfits for Noel Kreiss and Serah Farron. Noel gets a “Guardian” outfit while Serah gets a “Beach-wear Bikini”. The bikini is rather fitting for Serah if you take into account the timeline and area she was at first. Noel’s costume however is another head-scratcher. The first costume can be compared as a male-chocolina outfit which is just absurd and ridiculous (still I bought it). The said costumes will cost $2.99 USD or 240 Microsoft Points each while the Sazh DLC is at $4.99 or 400 Microsoft Points.

Gotta run for now as I still need to level Noel and Serah at Bresha Ruins 300 AF.


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