[ GRAVITY ] : Blizzard skips the year of the Dragon for their 3 upcoming titles

Blizzard is known to hold the annual Blizzcon but this year however Blizzard made a decision to cancel their event this year for bigger things.

Blizzcon is one of the prominent events out in the west wherein PC gamers gather to celebrate it annually. This year though, Blizzard has already made a firm statement that Blizzcon for this year will not happen given that they want to prioritize their three titles namely:

[ Diablo 3 ]

[ Starcraft 2 : Heart of the Swarm ]

[ Word of Warcraft : Mists of Pandaria ]

Blizzard plans to put the three titles out in the market within this year so that fans would in a way stop asking questions like “When will it be released”. Guess they had enough of the rhetorical and redundant questions thrown at them year after year. Though this is actually one of the best initiative done by Blizzard thus far for this year. The said convention consumes tons of money and time as well from gathering sponsors, looking for a location and also producing limited edition items that are given out during the event. So for those who plan to attend the annual Blizzcon, you may wanna keep that cash for the upcoming titles. You’d never know what might happen given that these are 3 titles that every pc gamer is waiting for.

Again, no panda cosplays this year. We see them once they are released.


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