[ GRAVITY ] Year of the Dragon means Guild Wars 2!

Probably the most awaited MMO-RPG for hardcore gamers across the globe, ArenaNet is proud to announce the sharpest details of release for the game, Guild Wars 2.

Testing has been done under closed doors with only friends, family, internal testers and certain guilds got a taste of what Guild Wars 2 has to offer. This time though ArenaNet will open its doors come February, March and April as they date the public testing for the much awaited game title.

February will kickstart it all with a good o’l batch of players setting foot on the new soil of Tyria. They will begin with “selected press” so most likely we got IGN, Gametrailers and such to name a few to be the first round of media testers for the said game. With the release of the final class which was the Mesmer, there is no stopping this game from moving forward to is release date.

And one last important fact about this post…

Guild Wars 2 is set for a 2012 release. Keep your wallets ready for preorders will begin very soon!

Source: ArenaNet Blog


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