[ GoodSmile Co. ] Love is War Preview (Final [?])

The figure that took years to manifest seems to be making a “final” preview courtesy of Mika-Tan. Presenting Hatsune Miku Love is War DX and Love is War figure by GoodSmile Co.

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I’m actually liking what I’m seeing right now. The details are very fine especially for the stand for the DX Version of it. I really would like to expect that much for a DX figure given the hefty price they placed upon it.

My heart is beating fast right now. It would either be i’m about to get a hear-attack due to cholesterol intake of the dinner that i had or its because this is the figure that I waited for a very very long time. Though I never thought that i’d amount to this much since I ended up purchasing the DX Version.

Anyhow, I need to exert more effort in gaining revenue to fuel my hobby not to mention an upcoming item that really kicked my wallet bad. The DX kicked it but so far its still ok but the latter really struck hard to the point that you can refer to it as being bludgeoned to death.

Item is set for release before the month ends!

Source: Mika-Tan Blog


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