[ GRAVITY ] : Tester Season 3 Cast Trailer

And in just a few weeks, the annual Playstation Tester resumes with Season 3 with a brand new cast though this time around, the cast seems to be the most group of people that Sony had assembled for this show.

As seen above we got a rap-artist (which for some reason I want to ask him to stop), tons of girl-gamers with attitude and men looking for girl-gamers to date or go-out with. I have nothing against girl-gamers with attitude, in-fact I find that aspect cool but its as if they had too much of it. The guys though really do look like they want to date someone rather than grabbing that job opportunity that Sony is offering to the winner of this season. This ain’t no “The Bachelor” reality show so don’t expect us gamers to treat you guys with respect unless you show us we should.

The Tester Season 3 sets itself apart from the previous two seasons aside from the very very odd cast. The prize is still the usual items except that the position got changed to ” Production Associate” at the world-famous SCE Santa Monica Studio. This position I believe should not be set as a prize. This position is for those who have been in the industry for a long time given that they can hugely contribute a lot based on experience that they have attained through their stay in the said business.

Tester Season 3 is set to go on-air this February 7th.


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