Comiket 81 Figure Exhibit

Comiket is not just a show that consists of doujinshi & Cosplay. They also boasts a good roster of figure displays that are upcoming and about to be released items. Here are some of the great items that were displayed.

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Things that a collector should note on this huge array of images are Volks’ upcoming figure of Selvaria Bles. As many would know, When Volks creates a figure, it’ll be awesome! This is going to be on the watch list. Another one would be the Figma(s) Irisviel von Einzbern & Metroid Samus Space Suit. Going back to scale figures, we also have an upcoming Samus figure. By far this really is a great sculpt. Another great scale figure would be the Holy Kuroneko. As many would remember the said figure will be available in Figma form later this year (2012). Moving along to Nendoroids, we finally get the Minami-ke sisters! I’m a fan of this show so this will definitely be on my “Acquisition List”.

Stay tuned for more details about the rest of the figures and their releases here on this blog!



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