[12-19-2011] GRAVITY : PS VITA Dismantled!

PS VITA is now available in Japan and it has been a ritual for certain enthusiasts to perform this kind of entertainment. Its what I call “Open up the newest console cause its a cool thing to do!” agenda. Here we have the latest portable console by Sony which is the PS VITA completely stripped down for gamers to oggle.

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As many or others alike, some may not understand the concept of purchasing a console and stripping it down to the last screw but heck who cares! We get to see the internals as to what we are paying for. I mean, i’d be completely baffled if I opened up a new console, tore it down to the last part and see the contents that would resemble a Nintendo cartridge back in the day and pay 300 USD or more for it.

Regardless, kudos to the guy who sacrificed a PS VITA for this little exhibition.

Source: PS VITA parts revealed!

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