[12-19-2011] GRAVITY : 50 Cent Gaming – Music in Games –

Being a gamer isn’t all about playing the game and killing monsters left and right. Gamers still do spend time outside and bring a part of their gamer title with them in the form of music.

Music has played a huge role throughout history. May it be during war, gatherings or festivities. Music will always be a part of it. Music in games don’t differ that much as well. As we all know music can drive a person’s feelings or their current state of mind.

Music in games depict the mood of the scenario or event. As an example, in games such as Final Fantasy, the game’s music can depict if there is a critical battle coming up ahead. At certain parts as well it can define the whole map or scenario. On example is the Sunleth Waterscape part of Final Fantasy XIII.

My case however is that aside from bringing my game related music on my portable player. Music for me defines a part of adrenaline rush in fighting games and role-playing games. Take for example Ghost Rider’s Theme in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. The said theme is one nice piece of metal music suitable for the said character.

Last but not the least there are those who were influence d by the game music to the point that they took arms and wielded one of the many musical instruments. One good soul is bboynoe (that’s his YT name) plays tons of game related music and by far he is really good at it!

Overall, music can really define someone and drive them. Throughout history, music has played a huge role and even games are of no exemption as they bring life and make a mark in the history.


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