[12-12-2011] GRAVITY : 50 Cent Gaming – Episode 2 – Building your Dream Team

Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 has been out for a while now and people are now getting comfortable with their new or old team. For this episode of 50 Cent gaming, we tackle about how one create his dream team.

The video above is from Maximilian [Miles923 (Youtube)]. Here, he discusses as to how one picks and builds a team may it be in this game or in different games.

Team type games such as this allows one to be as diverse as possible. More often than not, players build their team by either due to technical reasons or just plain “I want this character” idea.

Through the years of being a game aficionado, picking a character may it be a 1v1 type or a team type game has always been an issue. In my case, i can’t play any character that does not interest me at all even though I know that the said character is one of the top tier. More often than not as well, I end up picking the underdog of the game titles that I play and even end up with female characters if available. In this game, i’m actually playing with Vergil since his ability to be tactical is very high in terms of battles. Strider Hiryu for his speed and raw power that can intimidate and scare unwilling opponents and lastly Iron-Man for the technical aspect of I just need someone who throws a big laser from time to time.

On that note, some players also prefer not to play as a female character since they have this mentality that men should be men and being feminine even in games is an issue. MY case however is that I prefer to have a girl in the line-up if its a team type game or a female character as long as it plays elegant such as Lili of the Tekken franchise. I mean, I don’t mind being killed or defeated just as long as I can play this character, i’m happy.

Entirely, what I could also recommend is that its best to start-off with a character you really want to see in your roster and not go with the bandwagon. Being unique has its benefits especially in games like this. As an example, through my online game matches in UMVC3, rarely do I see anyone who’d play Phoenix Wright or even Rocket Raccoon. These two characters are underdogs and could pawn players who are not familiar with their kin.

Overall, Character Selection has been a big thing through the existence of games. Even if you are a technical gamer or just plain fan of a character, you still share one thing in common. The goal of being a master of the craft that you chose.


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