[12-5-2011] GRAVITY : 50 Cent Gaming – Episode 1 – Modern Warfare 3 vs. Battlefield 3

Welcome to the new segment of GRAVITY. As you all know the segment GRAVITY brings news about the latest games. 50 Cent Gaming though is a sub-part of GRAVITY but here we get opinions regarding certain games that are out in the market. To start things, we have Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 on the plate.

As many gamers would know, its been a long running debate as to which title should one get. We got our comrade Melonie here with some recommendations as to which one should you get especially we got a long winter coming up.

There you have it! Melonie gave us pretty nifty pointers as to which title should you actually get. For me entirely, you should get both! Both titles have their own differences as stated by Melonie and that makes it all worth while and your money. Do take note that as stated by her, this input is based on the idea of “MULTIPLAYER” so fans who are after the storyline, please do go easy on your comments.

If you are actually after the storyline, better get both and especially to those who played MW and MW2, the third installment is a must have & play! I’ve played both and as to what I can say is that Battlefield 3 is awesome and same goes as Modern Warfare 3 given that i’ve played both on the Xbox360 and the PS3 console.

Huge thanks to Melonie for giving some pointers in this huge MW3 vs. BF3 conflict of interest. You can check her blog out at : http://www.meloniemac.com

Till the next issue of 50 Cent Gaming and remember to step out from time to time. There’s this thing we call the sun and i’d be nice to see it every once in a while.


2 thoughts on “[12-5-2011] GRAVITY : 50 Cent Gaming – Episode 1 – Modern Warfare 3 vs. Battlefield 3

  1. Personally I prefer BF3 rather than MW3 considering that I’ve grown tired of MW3 (yes even with Capn’ n Price and all).

    Still if I had enough dough on me I’d also get MW3 just for the sake of wanting to know what happens to Cap’ n Price after MW2 😀

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