[Gift] 1/8 Fate/EXTRA – Saber Extra –

“Answer me. Are you my master?”

The 4th figure to join the Saber series sculpted by Akira Toda (Principality of Kaguisuchino)! This 1/8th scale Saber comes from the RPG game Fate/EXTRA, and features Saber in a beautiful red outfit!

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Toda’s unique sculpting is really shown off on this figure, with the finest of details visible all over the outfit. It’s a product that is bound to impress any who set their eyes upon it! One thing that one can note as well is how the metallic red paint was added for the effect on her dress. If that would be the same as for the real deal item then this is a great addition to the Saber sculpts that are already out there such as the items done by Kotobukiya etc.

Currently up for preorder for 7,260 JPY ($94.19 USD) at Amiami’s English Site. Clicking the link below connects you to the preorder page. Limited to 3 per individual/account.

[Gift] Fate/EXTRA – Saber Extra – 7,260 JPY ($94.19 USD) – Amiami English Site


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