[11-29-2011] GRAVITY : Tekken’s Team artist on Street Fighter Ryu and Chun Li Art

Possible or not possible. The image above came from Harada’s Twitter account. One of the designers from the Tekken Team in NAMCO drew both Ryu and Chun Li.

The games “Street Fighter” and “Tekken” had been about each others throats for a long time now as fans don’t get to clash each other sides. But with the upcoming “Street Fighter X Tekken” by CAPCOM. The said conflict will now reach an understanding through pure skill and tenacity.

NAMCO is also working of their own version of the said cross-over hence the artwork above. I really like how they made Chun-Li’s art to be soft and gentle. It still shows that Chun-Li, despite her badass kicks is still one of the beautiful women in games that i’ve seen through the years of my gaming experience.

Harada wants your opinion about this image. You can relay it to him directly through this link.


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