Pinoy Gaming Festival 2011

Held last October 28-30 at SM North Edsa Cyberzone. PGF 2011 brings the biggest PC Gaming together such as DOTA, DOTA 2 & Starcraft together with Razer and Nvidia in this once a year event!

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PC Gaming is not dead as coined by a recent event done by Razer. As proof, Razer together with NVIDIA along with Mineski Infinity held the annual Pinoy Gaming Festival with games such as DOTA, DOTA 2 and the WCG Finals for Starcraft 2.

Events such as this dont gander much of an audience in the metro given that Philippines is primarily dominated by MMOG (Massive Multiplayer Online Gaming). But to everyone’s surprise the said event drew out the crowd from within the said MMOG and not to mention the said event was broadcasted live in livestream of Mineski.

Stage events include the Finals of World Cyber Games (WCG) for Starcraft 2 which was really really intense given that the said two players who went head to head were rivals even from last year.

Also Minesky PRO-Gaming League (DOTA) was one of the main highlights of the event itself. The winning team for the said competition is going to compete for the championship in Malaysia.

There’s also the Custom/Mod Rig Competition by Cool Master wherein participants got to take home awesome peripherals all courtesy of Cool Master.

Last but not the least is the exclusive preview or you could say match for the DOTA 2 title of Valve. Which showcased a whole new world of gaming experience for DOTA players given that almost everything from the old DOTA format was changed from the graphics and right down to the item purchase.

DOTA 2 preview was made possible by the lovely Sing Chi, who also raffled a good amount of DOTA 2 BETA Keys for those who want to experience playing the newest version of IceFrog’s gaming masterpiece “DOTA”.

Audience participation was so intense that Razer goodies had to be given out to show gratitude to all those who attended, stayed and cheered for the teams and the event itself.

Prizes were not limited to baller ids, Razer Keyboard bags, LEET Packs, Razer Lanyards but it even consists of Razer Mouse such as the DeathAdder and one lucky attendee event got to swag that awesome Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Edition by just attending the event and dropping by the Razer and NVIDIA partner booths during the event.

At the end of the day, the said event was a definite proof that gaming can also be your ticket not only to fame but also a shot to participate in World Series Championships such as the World Cyber Games. I’ll be leaving you with the rest of the images taken during the event and congratulations to all the winners and competitors and also to the sponsors who made this event possible.


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